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My son has started to act violently after his age of 13. Why?

My son has started to act violently when he attained  9 th standard.  Why?

A mother asks like this (Name Hidden):

“ I am from Bangalore.  My problem is very critical. My son was a soft boy since childhood.  But, when he came to 9th standard, he started to act violently and gets angry for everything. We have not given any spritual inputs to him and he does not like to come to temples and remains at home.  Now, he suddenly comes and violently  hugs  his parents (me and my husband), that is very painful for  us.  Sometimes, he holds our head and shakes it fast.  We understand that this is out of his love with us.  But, why this violent behaviour?  Previously he was very soft  in his activities. Now, he seems to be tense always.    His concentration too has come down in 9th standard.  Is he having any psycho problem?  Kindly clarify why he acts like that.  What shall we do now?  I will act upon your advice.”


He is not a psycho. He is perfect.  This is the problem for most of the parent…

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